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Want to have relationships that feel GOOD? The Boundary Is You is a book that will give you practical, easy tools so that all your relationships feel good.

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Chany G. Rosengarten is a Chassidic wife, mother of four young children, #1 Amazon bestselling author and powerful motivational speaker. She teaches empowerment, self care and boundaries in business, love, and relationships, and her online courses have changed the trajectory of many lives.
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What Students Say

Students Love Chany Rosengarten's Classes

““I did more of what we did in the class, at home. Was huge. Seeing my wins. And I’ve been doing a lot of closing my eyes and feeling the energy and heat through my hands. It sounds simplistic but its really deep. Thanks for teaching that to us. You never know what will bring home who and when. Thank you. You’re powerful.” ”

Tranie Freidman

““your live class this week was so amazing Chany, I don’t have the right words to express my gratitude for everything you do. Your work has impacted my life in so many good ways. I keep thinking that I know and learned everything, the more I go on this awesome journey with you, the more amazed I get.” ”

Sarah WHYL alumna

“Taking the course Wife Heal Your Life has been a real eye opener. It has started me on a journey of self growth, giving me skills and tools i need to make me strong, happy and independent, regardless of what is going on in my marriage. The lessons are given over with clarity and the homework ensures that you internalize all the life changing concepts. ”

Esther, WHYL alumna


Books by Chany G. Rosengarten

Chany Rosengarten is a #1 Amazon bestselling author of Promise Me Jerusalem. More books coming soon, including Wife, Heal Your Life and The Boundary is Self Love.
Chany's #1 Amazon Bestseller Promise Me Jerusalem


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