Do you relate?

" As long as I'm still fat, I'm not buying myself something new. I look atrocious anyway. What's the point of treating  the body that I hate? "

" I can't make peace with who my husband is. He is so not what I thought he'd be, it's disappointing beyond words. But I try. I mean, I love him, even if I don't like what he's become." 

"I'm basically my sister's therapist.Her life is falling apart, and she's at my house... way too often. It's getting to me and ruining My family. But I can't stop. Not Now. SHE NEEDS ME! "

"Sometimes I say something really stupid. All I want to do is bury myself for the next year. I keep remembering the shameful things I've done. Makes me want to die."

"I should probably be doing more. I feel guilty for not doing and being enough. Sometimes, when my husband comes home, I pretend to be busy. Even though I'm zonked from a hard busy day, I feel inadequate."

What people are saying about the course

"Thanks for always inspiring with your wisdom, wit and wonderful positive vibes. keep at it. we're all hanging in there looking forward to the course."


"Thanks so much for your course. I was waiting so long for it."


"You inspired me not to be apologetic for being me. That self love is not selfish! That the way to be valued and accepted by others is by truly valuing and accepting yourself first."


"This coarse is something so many (most) people can benefit from. I consider myself under construction and every word you said matched the thoughts I've been working on for so long."


"Self love, self love, self love. that's your motto and I love it."


"Chany Rosengarten is rare for portraying the real challenges of real people. She is not afraid to discuss difficult subjects in a helpful and productive way."


"This is such an inspiration. It gives me so much awareness on how self care is important for yourself and for the people around you whom you love."



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