What They Say

This is what participants say after taking the money program

“I Still cant believe it! One month ago I had no hava mina of a house. Three weeks later, it’s a whole different story! We are closing on a house.”

“My husband got a new job where he earns almost double the amount he earned a few months back…”

“Wow! I was blown away. I was wondering if I’ll actually see money coming directly to me, since I’m not actively looking for a job right now. But shefa happened directly to me. The day camp needed help with something since their regular employee was unavailable. They came to me to ask for my services. I could not turn them down and low and behold I earned about $200 an hr. I was blown away!! ”

“So, after I listened to your course, my personal injury case going on since 2017 finally settled. I knew the mediation was scheduled for Monday, but still. It didn’t settle for as much as I’d like, but it nearly doubled the projection the mediator gave at first round.”

“Your course was priced so well, of course I made back more than that, even before the class started ;)”

“What's more of a win is that I've finally started loosening up around money and healing old money-related traumas that were stuck in me for such a long time. ”

“Time to let it go ;)”

“Thank you for your fun and insightful classes....a client recently paid my husband some money that he's owed him for a while. It pulled our bank account into a way more comfortable state!”