Welcome to Wife, Heal Your gorgeous Life, where Your husband starts to appreciate you, queen, and where marriage finally feels like fun.

No begging him. Enough with that already! No need to prove yourself to him (I mean, does Kate Middleton prove herself to prince William? We hope not!) No waiting for him at night. None of that. You hear me? None. Of. That. 

That already feels better, right? Enough with the five pound weight on your heart. Like, for real!

Created by marriage dynamics strategist and Bestselling author of The Boundary is You, Chany Rosengarten.

Over the last four years, I've taken women just like you, from a marriage that felt like a private boo-boo, to a marriage that feels like a honeymoon, every single day.

Here is What I Don't Do

  • I never make you apologize. 
  • I don't make you "work on your middos". like, what?
  • I don't make you swallow pain and move on.
  • I dont make you be "mevaater" or sacrifice for the sake of peace. No way.
  • I dont let you suffer for another additional day. This is so over.
  • I don't make you "keep on working, and eventually, you'll see results. But you gotta do the work." Lady, you need results yesterday. One day of pain is one day too much. 

What I Do

  • I let you have fun
  • I let you get to know just how awesome you are.
  • I show you how to get rid of that shame, guilt and low self confidence and flush it down the toilet. 
  • I open up the windows of your marriage so a fresh breeze can blow the curtains a little.
  • I have you get those moments of connection and love that are gold- pure gold.
  • And I have your husband fall head over heals in love with you.

Marriage has nothing to do with how good you are.

Um, no.

It's in the connection.

Don't get me wrong. Are there things you can improve on? Sure, be my guest! But that's not going to make or break your marriage. Case in point: you've probably already tried to work on yourself. How did that do for you?? It didn't get you the love, respect, honoring and attention that is stamped into your birth certificate as yours. 

Mama'la- your husband is SUPPOSED to love you.

Ask yourself these questions, Dear

  • Does your marriage feel like a slight improvement would be in order?

  • Does your husband have more time for the phone/his brother than for you?

  • Does he have time for you, but is demanding of you? (Do this, don't do that, how could you have done this other thing...)

  • Are the things you do noticed and appreciated?

  • Do you feel accepted for who you are?

  • Do you get tense when your husband walks in the door?

  • Does your husband do things that make your heart drop down to your belly?

  • Have you ever asked yourself "is this normal?" But not wanting to sound like a weirdo, you just kept going?

  • And bottom line question, if we can have a moment of honesty... does your marriage feel completely good?

On average, every woman who has joined Wife, Heal Your Life has seen her marriage become loving, peaceful, connected and refreshed.

Is that what you want for yourself, too?

“This shabbos was the first shabbos since we got married where I felt connected, cared for and loved. At the end of shabbos, I was so happy, I didn't know what to do with myself from sheer gratitude. I just said Nishmas. ”


“My husband is connecting and taking care of me in a way like never before. I'm glowing! ”


“Six weeks ago, I was in so much pain, I didn't know if my marriage could ever get better. Today, my husband is doing things for me that I didn't even know he knows how to do. I feel like a newly-wed. He takes care of me in a whole new way. ”


“My husband called me this afternoon and said, verbatim, "I don't know what you're doing but I miss you. I really miss you" I almost fainted. he hasn't spoken to me like that in five years. ”


“I am enjoying and gaining from this course. Just one week in and I'm drinking it all in, listening and being blown away. It is changing the way I think of myself and my marriage. ”


Wife, Heal Your Life

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The core message that guides every marriage that I've taken from "um..." to "Aha!" is this:

1. Return to yourself. You are an awesome human. Let's start right there.

2. Take good care of you. Queen of queens? Gorgeous woman? You are worthy of emotional self care.

3. Then come back to the marriage and notice: a whole new dynamic exists.

Notice how the marriage is 3rd step? It is the third of three very important pillars. Love yourself. Take care of yourself. And then... the marriage takes care of itself and becomes the best relationship you've ever had. 

Better than your relationship with your sisters. Better than with your best friend. This is your husband. Remember the days when you thought marriage was going to be good? Let's get you back there really fast, with real, actual proof. So you can tell yourself, Wow! My marriage works!! It feels so good to be loved, appreciated and cherished. 

"Wife Heal Your Life isn't just a course on marriage. It's a reset button on your relationship that takes you back to love."

-Chany Rosengarten, Founder

I have one goal for you in Wife Heal Your Life: get the marriage you were always meant to have: that loving, safe, connected relationship that feels good.

Join Us

Wife Heal Your Life will make your marriage so, so GOOD

Here's what's going to happen in Wife Heal Your Life

✅Week 1.
Feel like the strong, calm reassured woman who is safe. 
It's time to put that worry and doubt down, for good. You've been carrying the stress of figuring it all out for far too long. It's ovah, my friend. Ovah!
Instead, connect back to the place inside of you that knows no anxiety, and that feels safe, calm and good.
This, is ingredient number one in a marriage. Anyone who has told you that "changing" or "respecting your husband" is step one... hasn't felt that little knot inside your tummy. It's time to untangle that.

✅Week 2. 

Feel free! Be free from the things that have hurt you until today. You've gone through enough. It's time to finally cleanse yourself so that you feel light as air, joyful and energetic, and so free.

This, my dear, is what makes you not just attractive, it makes you magnetic. Your heart is free for love, and your husband is compelled to love you at a level he didn't even know was possible.

✅Week 3. 

Feel the energy. A good marriage had a life and rythm of its own. Move ahead into the life you want with self assured steps. Look forward to a future in which you are deeply understood and appreciated. Choose to live in a way that works for you.

Until today, you connected at the level with which you got married. Youve only known your husband in one way, and he, in turn, only knows the parts of you that youve shared. But that, my friend, is one tiny crumb of what your marriage will ultimately be like once you do this program. Your marriage can be about 100 times better. Move into it!

✅Week 4. 

Take a deep breathe. Have a deep cleanse. This week is about cleaning out all the shmutz that has plagued your marriage and kept it from being the ultimate five star experience. Out with the old, in with the new. To think you had tried to build a beautiful relationship on the foundation of oldies but not so goodies... it's time to upgrade mamala.

Week 5. 

Be that partner you were meant to be. Dig your toes in the lush carpet, this is your home. This is your marriage. This is where we start getting really comfortable. Intimacy becomes something you are good at. You are alive, after all. 

✅Week 6. 

How different would your marriage be when you knew you were loved? When you felt cherished and appreciated? When your husband connected to you on a soul level?

Unfortunately, most marriage experts don't tell you the real secret to a successful marriage, which is to connect deeply to ourselves first. Without this love and appreciation for ourselves, we are seeking it from our partner, who is seeking it from us... leading to a love drought. Fill yourself up sweety. This week we overflow with wuch love, that it fills up our marriage, too.

✅Week 7. 

Get relationships. Get how marriage works. Get how to relate to your dear hubby in a way that works. Understand the secret to relationship that nobody has told you! And get it from a straightforward, no-nonsense, and easy to implement way. I promise you, your mind will open up like the clouds after a rainshower. And you'll feel like, finally! You got this relationship thing all figured out.

✅Week 8.

You are a power couple.
 no longer a regular couple, stumbling along trying to figure it out with haphazard advice you've picked up along the way. You've completed the most powerful marriage program that exists, and you are now head and shoulder above any other way of being Married. It is now time to be that powerful, connected couple that is so overflowing with wellness, that you can be there for your children, your community, and others. 

Bonus, Bonus

Because if you are HERE, I want to SHOWER you with everything that can help you SUCCEED

  • Bonus: The ARCHIVES

    $575 value

    This is a treasure trove of discussions with women just like you, just casually sitting around the (virtual!) fireplace and discussing what it REALLY is like. We talk about the personal struggles, what it's like to make the amazing changes you are making, and seeing the RESULTS you are seeing. It is these archives that have some of the best answers to questions you are currently asking yourself, and it is what will make you feel supported and understood.

  • Bonus: The Community

    $225 value

    You are not alone. There are woman just like you who are doing the exact same work you are. The Community is a place where you get to share your experience, ask any questions, share stories, and just HANG OUT and CONNECT.

  • Bonus: The LIVE

    $333 value

    This program has changed marriages for YEARS. Many woman have seen remarkable changes in their marriage just by following the exact and easy steps in the program, as it is laid out for you. HOWEVER, there is a unique and special treat for you: We will be adding an additional, LIVE class for you where you get to take all that you learned, EVEN FURTHER.

An honest word about Wife Heal Your Life.

Over the last four years, this one program has walked over 100 couples from darkness to light, from conflict to love, from stress to ease, from burnt out to honeymoon all over again.

I knew it was so powerful because each woman who did this course reported that not only was she happier, her husband started doing crazy amazing things for her which he had never done before! All the love she wanted she got. All the things she thought he would never say or do, he did. Husband's were turning into princes after this program, even though they hadn't done the work!

I knew this was Powerful. So much so, that when women wanted to work with me in private coaching, I realized that if they did Wife Heal Your Life at the same time, they got waaaay farther. I wanted every one of my private clients to do the Wife Heal Your Life program. It's fast. It's enjoyable. And it changes lives and marriages forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • So... When do we start?

    The good news about Wife, Heal Your Life is that it is ALREADY available for you, right now. The course is pre-recorded, and all the info is there. So all you need to do is dive in, get yourself refreshed, and START.

  • Where do I find the Classes?

    All classes are available on the class website, which will open up for you RIGHT when you sign in. You will also be getting a student booklet emailed to you, and that booklet contains the telephone codes- so that you can listen to the classes by phone!!

  • What if I'm busy right now and I can't do the classes immediately?

    No worries! You have access to the classes FOREVER. Once you got it, it's YOURS and you can listen at anytime.

  • What if my husband is the real problem here?

    When you do the Wife Heal Your Life program, you will start to notice a real change in your husband. This course works for women in all sorts of marriage situations.

  • What is your refund policy?

    You have 72 hours from when you get into the program to review it. If you feel like you don't absolutely LOVE IT, you have 72 hours to email us at wifehealyourlife@gmail.com for a full refund.

Chany, I'm nervous! I want Wife Heal Your Life so much. But how do I KNOW for sure?

Sweet one, While we have a great refund policy: Love it or Leave it within the first 72 hours

Here are some things to consider so you can make a whole- hearted, feel-good decision. 

  • If the fear of "what will my husband think of this" would be GONE, would you like to join?
  • If you just keep sitting on this, too paralyzed to make a decision and jump in, how much is it costing your precious heart? 
  • Would this course make you feel better or make you feel worse?
  • How would your life be different when you join this program? How would you feel a year from now if you joined this program and your husband treats you like the QUEEN and how would you feel if you just continued on as before?
  • If money wouldn't be making you feel afraid, would you like to jump in?
  • If you joined this program, life got way better, and then your marriage hit a challenge, how differently would you be able to handle it? Could you re-listen to the classes so that you go right back to marriage-perfection?

All my LOVE, Sweety. All My Love

Thank you for being here. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me at wifehealyourlife@gmail.com

I will personally be seeing your email and I am here to fully support you in this journey from merely marriage to luscious love.