How does it feel?

Pesach is the time to celebrate freedom. But what's free about arriving to the seder feeling alone, unappreciated, exhausted and disconnected?

Nothing. Maybe a memory of the maror and tears, but that's not what Pesach is about. 

Real freedom is royal. Real freedom feels like dignity. Peace. Connection. Happiness.

Your marriage is supposed to feel good. That's real freedom.

When I asked myself how I want to support women as we head into the pesach season, it was very clear. 

I want you to sit at the seder table like the queen that you are.

When you wear your new robe, usher in the Seder with your candle lighting, and sit down with your family at the white tablecloth, I want you to feel regal.
  • Free.
  • Royal.
  • Dignified.
  • Respected.
  • Cherished.
  • Connected.
  • Happy, content, peaceful.
  • Redeemed.

B'zchus Nushim will get you there.

Do you have resentment toward your husband for something very real?

Is your communication like two people talking different languages, or no language at all?

Has your trust been broken and you're not sure how to rebuild it?

Are you misunderstood by your husband, and by far not appreciated at the level that you should be?

Do you disagree with your husband on basic, important issues, like how to raise the children, deal with the finances?

Are you deeply disappointed in your spouse and the choices he keeps making?

Do you wish you can hear more appreciation, kindness or love?

Do you try to navigate criticism or anger only to get thrown off course again and again when there is conflict?

You may have tried traditional therapy, marriage counseling, being "mevater" and just moving on with a bleeding heart.

But it didn't work.

It's not supposed to.

What I found in helping many women heal their long painful marriage, is that working "on" the marriage doesn't work. It's simply taking the old pain and moving it from side to side, upside down, and all around. You end up running in circles. Have you ever felt like you're just running in a circle, back to the same cycle again? It's like when I had cleaning help, and she used an old, foul smelling rag to clean up the kitchen counters. It doesn't work!

The real work is going beyond the current drama and understand how powerful, how beloved, how stunningly perfect you are. That's how you lift up, off the old pain, off the old drama, into a whole new way of being.

If you've never understood your own power in the marriage, you haven't even begun! And you're already tired from trying so hard. 

But there's a better way. You are about to learn it. When you learn this new way, you will 

  • Know how to communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Feel validated and understood.
  • Partner with your husband.
  • Get complimented.
  • Be unafraid and at peace.
  • Be fully yourself.
  • Be able to say no with kindness.
  • Expect your husband to love, support and be kind to you.
  • Stop walking on eggshells.
  • Accept your husband.
  • And be the royal, beautiful, powerful queen that you are, embodying freedom, elegance and poise.

You get all of this

This course is designed for you, with you in mind, so that you can get the most out of it.

  • Week one: learn how to love, accept and understand yourself. Understand your needs. Give yourself those royal vibes you and embody your feminine strength.

  • Week 2. Learn how to separate your issues from your husband's. Divide and conquer! You can start to take very good care of you, your family, your spirituality, your emotions, and everything you need from the kitchen to the bedroom, because you are now an authority in your life.

  • Week 3. Learn how to negotiate and ask for your needs. Be brave, be clear, be bold, and be heard. Be supported. Be connected. Be loved and cherished.

  • Week 4. Learn how to navigate this often confusing world like the authorities mother figure you are. You choose the direction that you go in, and you bear the torch for your entire family.

  • PLUS

  • I know how busy you are. It's erev pesach! That's why all the work will be done live. Leave these classes feeling wow! Aha! And light, bright and filled with delight

  • The course is LIVE every Tuesday at 12. It's available on the phone and online. AND a recording is available to you for the entire year!

  • You can ask me anything! Tailor the course directly to what you need.

  • A replay will be available to you right after the class, and you can register for a full year.

  • Bonus 2 hours of very powerful content that has the ability to change your marriage.

Is B'zchus Nashim for you?

If you want to get to Pesach and experience more connection, more love, more respect, communication, peace and happiness for yourself, your husband and your children, this is for you. 


Come on in!

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What they say

My marriage has taken such a dramatic turn in such a positive way, b"h. I did not think this was possible.

It's the first time in my marriage that I'm not waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I’m proud of the woman I’ve become while appreciating the woman I’ve always been.

I looooved the Yom Tov season. There was plenty of outside stressors. Stress being sent to and around me but I was at peace.

Years of couples counseling and my own therapy was not able to accomplish what your course has accomplished in just a few weeks.

there’s tons of outside stressors in my life now and I’m not only ok, and at peace, I’m pumped up and happy and joyful most of the time

This is the first time that I have enjoyed Yom Tov. I was so happy, confident and connected. 

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  • Is this for me if my marriage is very challenging?

    Yes. There is no marriage and yom tov experience that can't be bettered by learning these powerful tools. You cannot fail.

  • My marriage is fine B"H. I just want a nice yom tov. Is this for me?

    If you feel like you want to walk around this yom tov with a light, happy and connected feeling, sign up. We'll be covering how to become emotionally magnetic, how to have your husband desire to connect with you, and how to design a Pesach that you love.

  • What if I can't show up to the live class?

    Replay, my friend. The replay will be available to you in your online class not only during your pre-pesach prep, but also for the entire year!

  • I'm super busy! How can I fit this course into my schedule?

    I know you're busy. It's erev Pesach! The course works in a very deep way. All you need to do is show up for the course, and the energy in the course will do the work for you. There are no tasks outside of the course. So it's one hour a week, for 4 weeks. That's all.

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