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six out of ten women say that mikvah is a burden to them. nine out of ten dont talk about Mikvah at all. If Mikvah is a monthy experience that you'd like to upgrade into joy, you've come to the right place. welcome! what if Mikvah can be the one night of the month when you reaffirm your strength, self care and power as a woman? What if Mikvah can become the place for you to practice taking really good care of yourself? what if, by understanding this Mitzvah, your sex life changes? Over 500 women have already reported a change in their marriage, their feelings, their intimacy after listening to this class. its time for YOU to have this experience. Get this course. How Mikvah becomes Power. and experience the Change. Experience the POWER.



What course participants are saying

“Wow!! Thank you so much! I'm so amazed. I got married two years ago and this was such a boost for me, and this was such a boost for me. I definitely needed it. Thank you so much for doing this. ”


“I just finished your lesson on mikvah. I want to thank you for making it available to us for free. Lots of the stuff reinforced what I knew. Lots of it I did not know, that I appreciate learning. More than that I just want to complement you for.putting yourself out there, being there for women. I have a lot of respect for you and give you a lot of credit for talking about things in an uncomplicated way. I LOVED your idea of the difference between secrecy and privacy- fabulous. You articulated something I could never pinpoint. I really love that. Altogether your general personality, strength of character, lack of prudishness, teaching women how to be women, talking about topics people are not comfortable talking about. Speaking about them so openly and comfortably- it's so important. I just wish people can watch it from everywhere, so they can be confident with what they do and how they do it.”


“Loved the positive slant that you put on the whole thing. Kallah classes always focused on your husband and doing for your husband and sacrificing yourself for him. I always wondered at what point was it not selfish to stand up for my needs. thanks so much for taking the time to explain things in a way that makes me realize that my needs are important too. ”


How Mikvah Becomes Power Benefits

A powerful discussion series that will change yourself, your marriage and your mitzvah.

  • Develop your sex power like never before.

  • Enjoy the Mitzvah of Mikvah

  • Learn about your power as a woman

  • Heal your body image, negative messages and shame

  • Learn how to take care of yourself well

  • Develop a respectable relationship with your Rabbi and Mikvah Attendant


  • Do I need to be married to benefit from this course?

    This course puts you in touch with your power as a woman. It also discusses the Mitzvah of Mikvah, which is practiced by Jewish Married Women. If you are married or plan to be married and benefit from the practice of Mikvah, this course is for you. This course is for mature listeners only, and is created for women.

  • What is the guarantee of this course?

    This course will change how you approach the practice of Mikvah. It will give you a sense of your power. Every time you listen to the content in this course, you will be inspired by your own power and the gift of your practices.

  • How do I watch this course?

    This is an online video course. As soon as you log in, you will find several video courses. Each one holds a special gift.

Mikvah and Empowerment

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