Welcome! You're in the right place.

You are about to get the wealth, money and ease you want.

This is a course that will show you how to make more money, have more money and enjoy more money. It's time for you to finally STOP having financial angst.


Over. Done. Bye bye 👋  


Instead, it's time for you to "Finance your dreams": you want that house? Get that house. You want that simcha? That course? That trip? That outfit? Get it! It's time to get it.


It's time for money to feel good. Open that wallet. See that wad of blue crispy hundred dollar bills. Let it crackle between your fingers. You pull one out and hand it over with love. It's yours to spend and enjoy.


And start saying yes. Where until now you've said (or heard!) "No" to things that mattered to you, because of finances, now is your time to say yes. Yes dear child, of course you are getting the thing that helps you. Yes dear self. Of course you get to take good care of yourself. Yes. Of course yes.


It's time for money to become a form of love. Gone are the days when money is a bargaining chip in your marriage, someone wants to save and the other wants spend. Instead, money is like water. We both dip our cups in the ever bubbling stream, and drink as much as we thirst.


This class is for you if:

  • You want more money.
  • You want that the money you have should feel like it supports you.
  • You want to feel free with money.
  • You want to feel GOOD around money.
  • You want to connect in your relationships in a loving way about money. 

Money is important in a Woman's life. You use it to support your dreams. To take good care of yourself. To care for your children. To live in a way that is meaningful to you. To create beauty. To be generous and loving. 

All of this will happen for you when you join the Shefa Course. 

We do this in 3 important steps:

1. You get a clear picture of what you want

2. You feel deserving of getting the money, wealth and comfort you want by removing all the blockages. 

3. You play with money like a fun game- because you know the rules of the game. 

You do all this without needing to make any major life changes. If you are not currently working- you don't need to start. Believe me, what you are currently doing is more than enough!  You are going to be getting to your financial goal without working hard for it. 

I am so confident that you will be earning back more than the amount you invested in this course- that I have an offer for you. 

At the end of the course, when you send me an email saying "I've earned back every dollar I invested in this course AND MORE,  you will get invited to my private AFTER-party: a very deep class that will take everything you learned in Shefa to the next level.  

So what are you waiting for?

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