Ready to be rich, proud and happy?

Welcome. So glad you’re here. You belong here. You’re in the right place. Hashem wants to give you abundance ad bli di-without bounds. Who are you to shy away?! Instead, you are ready to make a money goal and shamelessly get it, plus more. Even without a job or fancy office. Money, wealth and plenty was always meant for you. Now you get to claim it, and enjoy it.
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Shefa 2.0 is for you if:

  • You are comfortable with more and you are ready to get more.
  • You are ready to take all your dreams and make them a reality.
  • You are willing to feel GOOD, really good around money. No more “I can’t afford it.” No.
  • You have never been more ready to get rid of old, small dark ways you think about money.
  • You want money to be loving and connecting, not a source of stress or pain. 

In Shefa 2.0 you get:









And you own it. Like a queen.

You stop being afraid of having enough. Mama’la dear, you yourself are brighter than the crown jewels of the world. Who are you to shy away from having and being more than enough?

You learn that "you are enough". And you get to have enough.

Shefa 2.0 is divine.

In Shefa 1.0 (a super-amazing program, btw) Over 80 percent of the women who took it reported that they not only earned back every single dollar they invested in the program, they also tripled or quadrupled their money, but more than that, they got to enjoy their wealth.

These are women just like you. They decided, they joined, and then they got it.

That, my friend, is what I do best, and I’m happy and proud to welcome you to do the same.

Here's what I don't do:

  • I don’t make you get a job or a “better” job. If you’re a mama’la at home, believe me, you are doing the worlds most important job!
  • I don’t make you do a budget. I get how ouch that can be.
  • I don’t tell you that if only you’d be different, better or more spiritual you’d have more money. You -as you are right now- is worthy of treasure chests full of wealth.
  • I don't make you work harder or be more responsible. I mean, what?
  • I don't tell you to stop spending.
  • I don’t let you feel the “I can’t afford this” feeling for another single day. That? It’s just so over.

Here's What I do:

  • I teach you how to love yourself (yes, it’s a rare artform)
  • I share with you how to have more fun and ease.
  • I tell you how to earn money while you sleep.
  • I show you the way to wealth and riches.
  • I trust you that you will be earning back every penny you invest in this program plus much, much more.
  • And I shine a little light on the dark places, so that you can Find. Your Wealth.

"Money is not some magical potion"

 No. Not quite. It can feel like this big thing because it’s been the cause of so much pain and confusion. But the real truth is?

"It comes to everyone who knows the simple steps to get it!"

Money is your birthright. It is there for you just like air and water are. And if it hasn’t felt that way, no need to blame yourself. Money can feel very confusing. Which is why Shefa 2.0 is designed to take you straight out of confusion and into empowerment, clarity and… wealth.

Money is waiting for you, dear. Come get it!

More than 80% of the women who joined Shefa One have more than doubled the amount they invested!

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Join Shefa 2.0 and experience abundance without bounds.

Social proof: testimonials

“I Still cant believe it! One month ago I had no hava mina of a house. Three weeks later, it’s a whole different story!”

“My husband got a new job where he earns almost double the amount he earned a few months back…”

“Wow! I was blown away. I was wondering if I’ll actually see money coming directly to me, since I’m not actively looking for a job right now. But shefa happened directly to me. The day camp needed help with something since their regular employee was unavailable. They came to me to ask for my services. I could not turn them down and low and behold I earned about $200 an hr. I was blown away!! ”

“So, after I listened to your course, my personal injury case going on since 2017 finally settled. I knew the mediation was scheduled for Monday, but still. It didn’t settle for as much as I’d like, but it nearly doubled the projection the mediator gave at first round.”

“Your course was priced so well, of course I made back more than that, even before the class started ;)”

“What's more of a win is that I've finally started loosening up around money and healing old money-related traumas that were stuck in me for such a long time. ”

“Time to let it go ;)”

“Thank you for your fun and insightful classes....a client recently paid my husband some money that he's owed him for a while. It pulled our bank account into a way more comfortable state!”