Together is a unique program that includes the man in your life. Our goal is to bring the hearts of both husband and wife together, creating a loving and connected whole. By participating in Together, your husband will have the opportunity to experience the powerful healing that we offer in our Woman of Valor program, but this time, for himself.

Course Curriculum

Weeks 1-4: Becoming a Strong, Loving, and Proud Man: A Course for Personal Growth

Week 5: Become the beloved Wife: A class for Women

Weeks 6 &7: Form a loving and openhearted Connection: A program for Husband and Wife

Weeks 1-4 are designed to help men develop the skills and techniques necessary to become a stronger,

loving, and happier version of themselves. The course focuses on: feeling safer, feeling better,

forgiveness, intimacy, and happiness.

What you get in weeks 1-4:
  •  Develop greater self-awareness and emotional strength.
  •  Learn the powerful ways in which to get through to your wife, and build stronger relationships.
  •  Feel free and strong by forgiving yourself and being able to move on from past mistakes, so that you can be available for a loving relationship.
  • Become a strong and supportive husband, particularly during times of vulnerability or stress.
  •  Build a strong and more fulfilling life, and have a happy marriage
This aspect of the program takes 4 weeks. Each week will cover a different topic and include a one hour zoom class with fun interactive exercises. 

Week 5: A class for the Wife
This class is specifically designed for women, to open your heart and
connect with your husband like never before. It will provide you with specific techniques for fostering greater emotional intimacy and connection. 
Women will learn how to connect in a way that their husbands can understand and respond to, creating a more loving and fulfilling relationship.
Weeks 6 & 7: Couple's Work
These two classes are for husband and wife to do together. You will have the opportunity to work together on exercises that will activate a deep emotional connection. The exercises will facilitate a form of communication and open hearted connection so that you can experience
yourself as a couple in a whole new way.

What you get:

- Develop greater emotional intimacy and connection as a couple
- Learn effective communication strategies for building a stronger relationship
- Experience the importance of forgiveness and understanding in relationships
- Understand the importance of self-care and support for building a fulfilling relationship
- Learn practical skills for supporting each other and navigating challenges together
- Build a stronger and more fulfilling relationship as a couple

Join the class

Learn how to support each other in a way that is compassionate, empathetic, and understanding, and how to navigate challenges and conflicts in a loving way.

Meet R' Ariel Goldman

Hi, I am Ariel Goldman, married to Naomi, and raising our 11 children with her in Gevaot Eich, a settlemt  in Gush Ezion (30 minutes form Jerusalem). 
Coach and  energetic Healer in my training.
And in practice, a couple's and personal therapist with methods of  body, mind, and soul healing.

Also the Facilitator of personal and spiritual development at "Tsama College" (a school for  jewish NLP and personal growth at yad binyamin), and "Beit Midrash Hataz" a beit midrash for personal growth and jewish meditative work at bat ayin.
I'm the Producer of the podcast  "internal emanation" for jewish meditation.
And a creator of special experiential  workshops for couples that  focuses on illuminating and stimulating the connecting point between partners to create renewed closeness, intimacy, and fullness in a relationship.