The VIP package

As a VIP member, you will have ongoing support to continue your growth journey.

  • A 6 part program called Touching Greatness, an advanced level program, exclusively open to VIP members only. A new class takes place on the week of Rosh Chodesh every month.

  • An in person exclusive event to meet in person and deepen our friendship and experience.

  • A dedicated VIP phone line for deep discussions and connection with other VIP members, where we have a weekly discussion on a specific topic, designed as an ongoing workshop of self discovery, connection and sharing. Every week a thought provoking question is posted and your responses are a powerful opportunity for introspection and connection.

  • You'll get first access and special pricing to any other program that I launch during your time in VIP- a total value of over $2000

  • Access to the new Woman of Valor program, including all the associated classes, Q&A sessions, phone line and support, in person events, and access to retreats.

  • You will have access to any previous WOV recordings that you were part of, for as long as you are in VIP.

Get It Now

As a VIP member, you will be part of a group of growth-minded women who have all gone through the Woman of Valor program and are committed to continuing to grow and support each other.

VIP House Rules

Expectations for VIP members

VIP is an exclusive group of woman who are graduates of the Woman of Valor program. To be part of VIP is to be part of a connected, loving group of women who are dedicated to expansion, honesty and connection. 


You must speak up when you join the VIP phone line, to introduce yourself by your first name, and at least once every quarter, or you are bumped off the phone line- no refund given. The phone line includes our member forum, but it also includes phone recordings and my voice mail.