How Does It Feel?

Let me ask you...

Do you want to feel love, connection, peace, and friendship in your marriage?

The truth is that not only are you capable of having a marriage full of Ahava, Achva, Shalom V'reus, but you are worthy of it, too. You are very, very worthy of the connection you want to feel.  And this winter, you are going to get it. All of it. 

The love and connection.

Connecting with your husband and building a much happier marriage.

A much higher level of intimacy, care and compassion- all the time. 

It's possible for you. And this winter, in Woman of Valor, you are going to get it. 

Woman of Valor will forever revolutionize your relationship to where it feels AMAZING.

For you. For your husband. For your family. 

"Chany, I couldn't start shabbos without letting you know that years and years of therapy and couple's counseling did not do what your course did in two weeks. I feel myself cleansed."

Because Women of Valor changes marriages while helping YOU reach new levels of love, joy, and connection.

This new program will leave you feeling:

  • Free and Alive
  • Elegant and Dignified.
  • Respected and Cherished.
  • Connected and Loved.
  • Safe and Secure.
  • Intimate and Sensual.
  • Happy, content, peaceful and like the wonderful woman that you are. 

Is this what you want to feel? Woman of Valor is Custom Designed for YOU. 

Your marriage is supposed to be good. Really, really good. 

And it can be. 

I know right now it feels like it will always be the way it has been until now,  but I see marriages going from the place it's been for years- to thriving and feeling brand new! 

I've helped hundreds of women just like you get the love, respect and connection they've always wanted. 

We do this through my unique framework:

1. Getting to understand yourself in a whole new way (so you can get the love and care you need and deserve) 
2. Establishing new ways of
connecting with
your husband (so that he can in turn start treating YOU better as well)
3. Dialing up the love  (bringing in more intimacy and appreciation in your marriage)

Once this happens, spending your days with your husband becomes a treat.

Your marriage becomes a source of love, support and connection and you become true friends. You feel good EVERY DAY.

Sounds like something you want? 

Woman Of Valor Is YOUR Place. I will teach you all the secrets to a loving, beautiful marriage. And you cannot fail.

You will 100% get to a better, happier, connected place in this program. This is what Woman of Valor is custom designed to do, after all. 


 Do you feel like you are ready for more in your marriage- more connection, more love, more happiness?

Are you and your husband are on different pages?

Do you feel like your husband gets critical or resentful ?

Do you feel that true intimacy is impossible?

Do you feel like when things are good, you need to carefully tiptoe around because  you don't know when the next shoe will drop? 

Is your husband constantly distracted or absent? Do you feel alone?

It's time to feel good in your marriage. 

A loving connection starts Today. 

Drop your struggle with intimacy and learn intimacy secrets - Essential to a healthy marriage.

 Stop being criticized, and learn to welcome positive affirmation and kind words into your life.

 Get on the same page with your husband and find connection unlike anything you have felt before.

 Feel young and in love, free to be yourself and deeply appreciated.


I want you to know that with this program, you cannot fail. This is a powerful program using a proven system that works. No matter where you are right now, if you've seen other people who seem to have a marriage that you would have liked: you can have it, too.

 There is never a better time to get into this program. You live with your husband every day. Today is the day your marriage stops being painful and becomes the loving relationship you are so worthy of.

When you join Woman Of Valor, you will 
  • Feel validated and understood.
  • Feel connected with your husband.
  • Get complimented  and loved.
  • Be peaceful and confident.
  • Be yourself and ask for your needs.
  • Be able to say no to the things that don't feel good and YES! to what you want.
  • Have your husband love, support and appreciate you.
  • Stop being afraid.
  • Accept your husband and give him room to grow into the man he is.
  • And be the beautiful, beloved woman that you are, feeling happy, connected and secure.

This is a new course which will take you EVEN FURTHER than my previous, powerful courses. It is a foundational and powerful course. 

 Typically, what most people experience in their marriage after learning these marriage secrets is:

They experience a powerful shift in their marriage that feels much better. They feel lighter, more confident and more connected.

 Their husband says that they've never felt so heard, so respected and so deeply in love.

 Their entire household begins to feel calmer, more alive and happy.

 Years of pain and disappointment disappear.

 Their marriage flourishes and becomes better than a honeymoon.

And they say "I wish I would have known this sooner."


  • We start soon after Yom Tov! Tuesday, Nov 1 at 12:00 p.m. est. 
  • You get a live class every Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. est
  • You get a live Q&A session every second Thursday at 9:00 p.m. est.  We start on November 1.
  • You can connect to fellow program members. 
  • All classes take place on Zoom and are then recorded. You get the replay of all classes for an entire year. 

Join The Class

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You Get All Of This

This course is designed for you, with you in mind, so that you can get the marriage that you want.

  • You are getting a complete sense of self confidence. You will easily get the safety, love and happiness inside of you that is the foundation to a great relationship.

  • Get a new level of joy and confidence in your MARRIAGE by having better, easier, more loving ways to connect.

  • Then you will get real intimacy and love. You will connect with your husband on a level of love you have never previously experienced.

  • You are fully supported in this process. We meet each week for a LIVE zoom/phone class. These classes will be recorded, but for YOU, this will be a live class where you get to ask anything and be on the line while it is being made. Classes happen every Tuesday at 12 noon est.

  • You get to do this at your own pace. Besides for the LIVE classes, you will also get the recordings of the classes and you have access to them for an entire year.

  • Get clarity and next steps on EXACTLY what you need in YOUR marriage right now. You will get a live Q&A session every other Thursday evening at 9:00 pm where you can ask me ANYTHING.

  • Get new foundations in intimacy, emotional connection and the secret to love. This is a 15 week course. It is the most detailed course we've ever done!

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What They Said

"There are many beautiful courses out there but this is the foundation"

"I just finished listening to the class. Amazing!!! As many times as I learned this, it's still a process and I need the reminder and support. Thank you!!!"

"Just what I needed to hear. Thank you for pointing me to where my work lies by so beautifully illustrating the goal."

"I thank Hashem for sending you at the right time and right place! I felt that you deserve to know what a difference you are making in people's lives! I am feeling so empowered!"

"I feel very comfortable recommending you and your course."

"I think it can be helpful for women married and struggling for many years to know that they aren’t stupid of bad for not getting/hearing this life altering advice until this moment. They are ready now, that’s why they are hearing it now!

No beating yourself up for wasting so many years doing the wrong things. 

You’re here now? It’s exactly now that you’re ready to hear and implement these changes. 

Always a treat and privilege to learn from you, Chany." 

"The class yesterday was really eye-opening. Different than anything I've ever heard!"

"I listened to both classes and they were both amazing! I'm already enjoying it so, so much!"

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Invest Now, or Pay it Slow. Either way, you will be enjoying the fruit of this investment for a long, long time.


  • What if I can't come to the LIVE class? I work during the day.

    All classes will be recorded and you can access them at any time on your class website or phone recording. It is still worth it for you to join the original round of classes because you get to ask me anything! I'll be there in the class, answering you and addressing your specific situation. Plus, you get to join the evening Q&A's which happen every other Thursday evening at 9:00 pm

  • My husband has a very hard time connecting. You talk about connection... But can this help?

    Yes. This course can help you. It CAN help women who are living with a spouse who has a personality disorder, mental illness, addiction, childhood trauma or difficulty connecting. I'm sorry that your spouse is experiencing a handicap in connection, and that you are suffering as a result of it. But I want you to know that this proven method has helped many women with various difficult relationship challenges.

  • I'm very busy and about to get even busier. Can I still swing the course?

    I know how busy you are! You have a lot going on. That's why this course is designed that most of the work happens in the class. All you need to do is show up for 1 hour a week and you'll see huge shifts right away, no extra work needed.

  • I've read Laura Doyle's book and taken her course. How is this different?

    Laura Doyle teaches women to express their needs while respecting their husband, in order to get their needs met. Women Of Valor is different and better than anything you've tried. It will give you the foundation of love, intimacy and connection, so that you can have a strong and loving relationship, without losing your sense of self and personal safety. We do this by first establishing a very solid core of self respect, self confidence, and self acceptance, laying a foundation for an effortlessly beautiful relationship. Women who have taken Woman of Valor say that nothing they did in the past compares to the effects of this course.

  • My marriage is really good. I just love to learn new things. We can always strengthen a marriage. Is this course for me?

    Then you will gain even more in this course, because you are starting from a solid foundation. You will learn such beautiful things, your mind and heart will literally expand. Can you imagine what this will do to your marriage? You will be growing and learning, and increasing your love and intimacy exponentially. This course will give you consistent, comfortable love.

  • I took your previous marriage course and it was life changing. How is this different?

    You already have a great foundation. Woman of Valor is more. We cover both intimacy and connection, which we didn't go into depth in the other courses. This class is the most advanced and will include all the things that have worked for 100s of women. It is given live, so it will reflect the energy of the women taking it. It is by far the most deeply powerful course in the field.

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