An Elevated Approach to Marriage

Do you want to feel love, connection, peace, and friendship in your marriage?

The truth is that not only are you capable of having a marriage full of Ahava, Achva, Shalom V'reus, but you are worthy of it, too. You are very, very worthy of the connection you want to feel.  And this winter, you are going to get it. All of it. 

The love and connection.

Connecting with your husband and building a much happier marriage.

A much higher level of intimacy, care and compassion- all the time. 

It's possible for you. And in Woman of Valor, you are going to get it. 

Woman of Valor will forever revolutionize your relationship to where it feels AMAZING.

For you. For your husband. For your family. 

"Chany, my husband looks at me with different eyes. These days, there's so much love between us. I wish I would have had Woman of Valor ten years ago!"

Because Women of Valor changes marriages while helping YOU reach new levels of love, joy, and connection.

This is how we do it.
1. You get the confidence, love and care that you need.
2. You establish healthy ways of relating to your husband.
3. You dial up the love, intimacy and appreciation in your marriage.
Once this happens, you look forward to spending time with your husband every day, and he does the same.
Your marriage becomes a source of love, support and connection and you become true friends. You feel good EVERY DAY.
Woman of Valor is a comprehensive, advanced course that will get you the marriage you've always wanted. 
Just some of the points we'll be covering:
  • Stop struggling with intimacy and learn intimacy secrets - Essential to a healthy marriage.
  • Welcome positive affirmations and kind words into your life, as your husband learns how to love you like never before.
  • Find connection unlike anything you have felt before by getting on the same page with your husband.
  • Feel young and in love, free to be yourself and appreciated by your husband.
This is a program which will take you EVEN FURTHER than anything you've tried in the past. It is a foundational and powerful course. 
Typically, what most people experience in their marriage after learning these marriage secrets is:
  • They experience a powerful shift in their marriage that feels much better. They feel lighter, more confident and more connected.
  • Their husband says that they've never felt so heard, so respected and so deeply in love.
  • Their entire household begins to feel calmer, more alive and happy.
  • Years of pain and disappointment disappear.
  • Their marriage flourishes and becomes better than a honeymoon.
  • And they say "I wish I would have known this sooner."
Today is the perfect time to start and take your marriage to the next level. And I'm here to support you. 

What They Said:

"During Yom tov, I took some time for myself to reflect on the year I had. It is unbelievable how many things happened, how much changed since last year Rosh Hashanah.
Just one short year ago, I was in a place of pain, lots of emotional pain and shulem bayis difficulties.
It is not to believe the changed person, wife and mother I am bh today! The changed man my husband has bh become! The changed atmosphere in our home and in our bedroom bh!
It's in your zchus Chany! May Hashem send you lots of shefa, koach, happiness, and peace in your life!!
Thank you"

"After one particular class in Woman of Valor, I felt a certain feeling  (wave) of love, and self care/respect inside my precious heart and cannot put it down on pen and paper. I'm not so good with writing but I owe it all to you!!!! I felt it all back from my husband!! I was like, what did I do to get this? I want it to last all my life... "

"As you know, I took WOV last winter, and I loved it. And since then, whenever things were hard and I had questions, I emailed you, and you always supported me. So I thought I'll share this little win with you.
Although when I read the testimonials from other women who took WOV, I wonder why I can't have such a huge shift in my marriage, but I guess everyone has their own journey. For me it's more like baby steps, and it's more changes in me, and not really in my marriage.
Anyway, on Chol Hamoed my husband did something that made me extremely angry. I felt extremely unappreciated and taken for granted. As I have written to you already, I'm stuck in anger and resentment, and I usually stay angry for some time after such a situation. And so, I was even more angry that he's doing it now, on Chol Hamoed, when everyone is home and I don't want to have an angry tense atmosphere in my home.
And somehow while I was angry and thinking of how mistreated I was, for the first time, I realized that I don't need to hold on to my anger to prove that I'm worthy, and to know that what my husband did was not ok. Even if I'm not angry I'm still worthy of respect, appreciation etc.
This happened by night, and the next day I realized somewhere in the middle of the day that hey, I don't feel angry. This was a first for me. So Thanks!
I really appreciate the work that you do, and how it helps everyone in their way, even though it might take some time.
As someone who saw boys getting on buses on Shabbos, headed to the front, from Betar!
As someone who is working full time from home with my kids learning on a phone line.
As someone who has everyone piled in one bomb room bedroom without much space and is sharing a bed with a 6 year old
As somone who had a rocket hit not a 2 minute walk from her house, on the route my kids take to school….
I am living off of everything you taught us!
Thank you

Before signing up to Woman of Valor
Rivka* wrote in an email, “I've been married for over 20 years and feel hopeless… I know he has issues that he can't work out. I want you to be honest and tell me if there's hope that this course can really help.”
A few weeks later, I got this email from her:  
"Dearest wonderful woman.
Woman of Valor!
I wrote this letter to Chany and asked her to share it with you to give you Chizuk and inspiration to obtain a beautiful marriage that you're so deserving of.  
I'm coming from a place that was so hurt and in so much pain just a few weeks ago, that I never believed I had a chance at full happiness again. I joined your course, cuz I was at rock bottom, and felt I had nothing to lose.  
I always felt that I am such a good person and it's soo not fair that I landed in this marriage.  
As I'm sitting and contemplating about the wins that I'm bh having, I realize, I really doubted the work in the beginning. You were always there for me though, to answer my questions and doubts.  
It started with such subtle changes on my part. It started with the self care and self loving that you taught us to have for ourselves. I always thought I did self care. But this course taught me so much more!  
It gave me the confidence to ask for things that I never felt secure asking for previously. Surprisingly enough, my husband responded to it so eagerly, I was blown away! 
I now realize, how so much is in the hands of the woman, but not in the way we've been taught previously. This was so different and refreshing.  
We were always taught that we have to be there for our husbands.  
Chany, you taught us to be there for ourselves and to make our husbands feel secure with us, not to feel challenged and scared of us.  
You gave me the empowerment I needed, and still need to first be there for myself, but also to understand our husband's insecurities.  
Amazingly enough all of a sudden my husband is doing things for me he hasn't done in 20 years!
We recently celebrated our anniversary. This was always one of the most painful days for me. This year bh, bh due to the tools I now had and to the empowerment I felt, we celebrated our anniversary in the way I always envisioned, but never before experienced.  
Last night, we came up to the country, and for the first time in 20 years my husband helped me unpack boxes without me even asking. He didn't let me shlep any of the boxes- when that's what I've been doing all these years.  
I have tears in my eyes thinking about it.
It's the first time in many years that I was actually sad when he left to the city. I used to wait for him to leave…  
I have so much hakares hatov to you, and can't stop thanking the heilige bashefer for sending me your way.
I know I'll be able to overcome the challenges that come my way. I'm looking forward with the eibishters help to continue working to fully reclaim the marriage I always dreamed of.  
Chany the zchis zal dir beishtein for all your help and for helping me thru it all!

"We just had the most beautiful Yom Tov. I didn't know that so much connection and happiness was possible"

My home today when I got home from the Woman of Valor lunch, was full of a FUN. It was a peaceful wholesome environment. I can't explain enough the unbelievable unreal effect the lunch had!!!!!! You had to be in my house to seeeee the crazy difference from yesterday, and the day before to TODAY!!!!
Mommy was FUN!! Mommy was HAPPY! Mommy was ALIVE! Mommmy was YOUNG! Mommy was soooo EASYGOING!!! Mommy was drawing for fun, mommmy was shmooozing with my daughters, so freely, laughing, telling stories and tales, and childhood memories, mommy let everyone BE.
I feel sooo alive,
I Started doing, thinking, creating, so many things for plain because I like it , enjoy it, etc…..
before the Woman of Valor lunch, I did only one thing: task, task, task, task, all day and all night.
Today I lived!! I did some Tasks, and I did a lot of living!!!!
One small example
I live in my current house chasdei Hashem 4 years now.
The kitchen wall got quite rubbed off, a lot of paint from all kids school projects that were hung with tape and then peeled off when we took off the tape from the wall.
Every day, it just is what it is. What's there to do? We're not painting our house now.
Today, It BOTHERED me.
Today I said “I'll get a frame to hang over the peeled paint marks.“ Brainstorm!
Today I said “and I give myself permission to go get the wall art for it!"
And today, a minute later, I ran down to the basement and came up a minute later with a beautiful wall art that goes right over it, an art that I love, a canvas from Homegoods that used to hang in our old apartment! That I had all this time sitting in the basement doing nothing.
Cuz I was LIVING.
Soooooo many more small example.
Wish can say them all but it's taking me so long to type…..
Thanks for this rejuvenating day!!!!!

"I am feeling free, light and happy! I am now more confident, have a strong self esteem, I AM!!!"

"My husband is now home more often on his own will, started helping around the house, shares more with me, is interested in hearing from me."

I have been really enjoying the course. I've never heard a lot of the things we've been learning and certainly not the way you are teaching. It is very eye opening and creating a difference in my life. 
I have been really working on the skills, especially on creating safety for myself to be me, and not be dependent on my husband for everything. And I want to share with you the most amazing thing that happened yesterday!
I was in a really really bad mood. Not in a good place, there has been a lot going on for me in lots of different areas of life and it finally got to me and I was feeling very stuck. In the past, I would have complained and moaned and taken out all my frustrations and lack of coping skills on my husband and kids and gotten into arguments etc. 
Not this time though! 
I knew my husband doesn't like the complaining, and I knew that me yelling and losing it does not create a good atmosphere in the house, it scares the kids, and certainly does not create safety and is not really in line with who I am trying to be. 
So I didn't do any of that like I've done in the past. 
I cleaned up a bit, put the kids to bed, and then took some deep breaths and asked myself how I can be there for myself. How can I create a space for me to feel the way I'm feeling without being dependent/relying on anyone and without losing it. 
I went outside. 
I tried to call some friends. 
I allowed myself to cry. 
I spoke to Hashem. 
I came back and felt completely depleted so I sat down on the couch to relaxed and started watching. 
My husband came in the middle and sat on a chair near by. He looked deep in thought and instead of ignoring him I asked if he's ok. He said yes, he's just thinking. I let him be, and then he disappeared. 
A short while later he came back and said: it looks like you can use a really good massage, would you like one? You can keep doing what you're doing, you don't have to stop, it just seems like you could really use it and would enjoy it. 
I couldn't believe he asked me! For years I've been waiting for him to know how to be there in situations like this, to sort of know what to do without me asking him (and then blaming him later), to be that romantic husband (I always fantasized about but never got) and all the sudden, this time he just knew what to do! 
I really feel like it's because everything I'm learning in Woman of Valor and Hashem's help of course! It was amazing Chany! 
He gave me a really nice long massage without saying a word. Just allowing me to feel his love. I cried most of the time and also didn't say anything. At the end he asked me if I wanted to talk about what was bothering me and I said I'm not sure how but decided to be real and vulnerable with him and he was SO understanding! 
I can't explain how amazing the whole experience was. B"h! 
I told him I just need the day off tomorrow (Friday) and I don't have physical or mental energy to make Shabbos and he said that's ok. I should take care of myself and he'll make food for Shabbos! 
I asked him why he loves me and he said it's because how I'm being now... I'm learning, I'm growing, I'm being real. I'm being sincere. And he really likes it. He says one of the things he loved about me when we first met was how genuine and sincere I was. 
I guess I lost that once we got married and had expectations... Like we forgot how to let each other be, and killed and sacrificed for each other thinking it would help but it didn't... All it did was give up on our own selves... 
So now I am slowly working my way to have the most amazing marriage and Iy"h life and this was such an unbelievable start! 
And he stayed up last night really late and made challah and potato kugel and chicken and cholent! How amazing is that? 
And I am taking the day off today to take care of myself. If I feel in the mood, I am being with the kids, if not, I am not and he is trying to fill in the gaps and get everything ready for Shabbos without me. He's allowing me to do what I need without complaining... I am literally taking a mental health day so I can come back stronger and better mother and wife and he's being so understanding, loving me for who I am, not expecting me to be perfect... 
I feel so crazy loved, it's not even normal!
Thank you for working with me and giving me the gift of the course. 
Have a wonderful Shabbos,  

"I just finished listening to the class. Amazing!!!  Thank you!!!"

"I thank Hashem for sending you at the right time and right place! I felt that you deserve to know what a difference you are making in people's lives! I am feeling so empowered!"

"I know I sent you an email last week with a win, and I feel like I'm having more wins b"h. It is so incredible. I am so feeling so crazy in love with my husband that sometimes I don't know what to do with all that happiness. B"h!" 

"I feel very comfortable recommending you and your course."

"Women of valor is not just another course out there, it is an experience!! With all the support needed to get through it."

"I recommend every yiddishe mama to take this course, it's a must!"

Dearest chany, עמוש
I have no words,
my emotions are chirping like happy birds! 🕊️
I started out in such a dark lonely place,
and now I bh have a glowing, radiant face!  
I was so downtrodden, hurt, and lost,
I was dealing with an inner holocaust.
The ignoring, belittling, and disinterest in me,
made we want to escape this marriage and flee.
I was hitting rock bottom was at total wits end,  
when hashem sent a malach who did fully comprehend.
Chany, the feelings of self deserving, self love and security, you've taught,
and hey! a new marriage has just been  baught!
I bh now feel like a butterfly so graceful, and free, 🦋
I'm not letting myself be squashed emotionally.
Helping the eibishters kinder is no small feat,
helping true eishes chayil that can't be beat!
I'm wishing u loads of brachos galore,
the eibishter should shower u with shefa more and more.

"I think it can be helpful for women married and struggling for many years to know that they aren’t stupid of bad for not getting/hearing this life altering advice until this moment. They are ready now, that’s why they are hearing it now!

No beating yourself up for wasting so many years doing the wrong things. 

You’re here now? It’s exactly now that you’re ready to hear and implement these changes. 

Always a treat and privilege to learn from you, Chany." 

"The class yesterday was really eye-opening. Different than anything I've ever heard!"

"I listened to both classes and they were both amazing! I'm already enjoying it so, so much!"

This new program will leave you feeling:

  • Free and Alive
  • Elegant and Dignified.
  • Respected and Cherished.
  • Connected and Loved.
  • Safe and Secure.
  • Happy, content, peaceful and like the wonderful woman that you are. 

Is this what you want to feel? Woman of Valor is Custom Designed for YOU. 

Your marriage is supposed to be good. Really, really good. 

And it can be. 

I know right now it feels like it will always be the way it has been until now,  but I see marriages going from the place it's been for years- to thriving and feeling brand new! 

I've helped hundreds of women just like you get the love, respect and connection they've always wanted. 

We do this through my unique framework:

1. Getting to understand yourself in a whole new way (so you can get the love and care you need and deserve) 
2. Establishing new ways of
connecting with your husband (so that he can in turn start treating YOU better as well)
3. Dialing up the love  (bringing in more closeness and appreciation in your marriage)

Once this happens, spending your days with your husband becomes a treat.

Your marriage becomes a source of love, support and connection and you become true friends. You feel good EVERY DAY.

Sounds like something you want? 

Woman Of Valor Is YOUR Place. I will teach you all the secrets to a loving, beautiful marriage. And you cannot fail.

You will 100% get to a better, happier, connected place in this program. This is what Woman of Valor is custom designed to do. 


 Do you feel like you are ready for more in your marriage- more connection, more love, more happiness?

It's time to feel good in your marriage. 

A loving connection starts Today. 

Drop your struggle with intimacy and learn intimacy secrets - Essential to a healthy marriage.

 Welcome positive affirmation and kind words into your life.

 Find connection with your husband unlike anything you have felt before.

 Feel young and in love, free to be yourself and deeply appreciated.


I want you to know that with this program, you cannot fail. This is a powerful program using a proven system that works. No matter where you are right now,  your marriage will 100% get better and better. 

 There is never a better time to get into this program. Today is the day your marriage starts thriving and becomes the loving relationship you are so worthy of.

When you join Woman Of Valor, you will 
  • Feel validated and understood.
  • Feel connected with your husband.
  • Get complimented  and loved.
  • Be peaceful and confident.
  • Be yourself and ask for your needs.
  • Be able to say no to the things that don't feel good and YES! to what you want.
  • Have your husband love, support and appreciate you.
  • Accept your husband and give him room to grow into the man he is.
  • And be the beautiful, beloved woman that you are, feeling happy, connected and secure.

This is a proven system that is guaranteed to give you the marriage you want. Typically, what most people experience in their marriage after learning these marriage secrets is:

They experience a powerful shift in their marriage that feels much better. They feel lighter, more confident and more connected.

 Their husband says that they've never felt so heard, so respected and so deeply in love.

 Their entire household begins to feel calmer, more alive and happy.

 Years of pain and disappointment disappear.

 Their marriage flourishes and becomes better than a honeymoon.

And they say "I wish I would have known this sooner."

One time payment

Pay it slow

You Get All Of This:

Woman of Valor is designed to give you a marriage of connection, love, peace and happiness.

  • You are getting a complete sense of self confidence. You will easily get the safety, love and happiness inside of you that is the foundation to a great relationship.

  • Get a new level of joy and confidence in your MARRIAGE by having better, easier, more loving ways to connect.

  • Then you will get real intimacy and love. You will connect with your husband on a level of love you have never previously experienced.

  • You are fully supported in this process. We meet each week for a LIVE zoom/phone class. These classes will be recorded, but for YOU, this will be a live class where you get to ask anything and be on the line while it is being made.

  • You get to do this at your own pace. Besides for the LIVE classes, you will also get the recordings of the classes and you have access to them for 6 months, untill Pesach.

  • Get clarity and next steps on EXACTLY what you need in YOUR marriage right now. You will get a live Q&A session every other Thursday evening at 9:00 pm where you can ask me ANYTHING.

  • Get new foundations in intimacy, emotional connection and the secret to love. This is a 15 week course. It is the most detailed course we've ever done!


One time payment

Pay it slow


Q. I've tried so many things to make my marriage better and I'm still struggling. Why would Woman of Valor be different?
A. Woman of Valor has helped many woman just like you, who have courageously tried everything before coming to Woman of Valor and seeing amazing results. So many women, alumni of Woman of Valor, have told me the same thing: “I was about to give up on my marriage. I had been to so many people for help and nothing help. Woman of Valor was my final recourse. And I'm so happy I found Woman of Valor, because my marriage is lightyears away from where it was when I started, just six months ago.”
 I believe the reason Woman of Valor has such syatta dishmaya in helping women finally get the results you are so worthy of, is that the approach is based on a deep and compassionate understanding of how marriage works. 
Q. I want to make sure that I can do the classes, even though I am busy with Simchos this winter. What is the schedule?
A. The classes are easy and fun to take, and there is no major homework outside of class time. All you need to do is show up for the class, sit back, and enjoy. It's one hour a week, (we sometimes go over the hour to take questions) for 15 weeks, starting November 2. We are live every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. eastern, and there will also be a replay of the classes, yours until Pesach, so you can listen at your convenience. Plus, you get a q&a session every other Thursday, at 9:00 pm, starting Nov 9. 
So I'd say this: I understand that you are busy. I respect your time. Give yourself a little over an hour a week and get peace, connection and real happiness. 
Q. What is the theory on which this program is based? Is there somatic work? Journaling?
A. Woman of Valor is a foundational program that give you insight into yourself and your marriage. I am Chany Rosengarten, founder of the Woman of Valor program, and I created the step by step method you will learn, after much research, personal introspection and prayer. Some of what you'll learn is culled from Chassidish sources and Torah sources, and some from the works of phycologists who have made great strides in advancing the field of relationship.  
The program give you a renewed relationship with your husband by taking you through a deep process of loving yourself and loving your husband. First you start with respecting yourself, healing your heart, and finding compassion for your entire self. That overflows into the marriage so that old wounds, unhealed parts in both partners, and pain gets replaced with safety, trust and peace. You'll feel a lot of gentle compassion and freedom. 
Q. What am I going to gain from taking this course?
A. You're going to love yourself beyond what you can imagine possible. You'll gain a renewed self confidence, even if you're a pretty confident person. You'll know how to connect with your husband and your husband will respond to you with a renewed attraction, emotional connection and appreciation. You're going to feel a new sense of confidence and peace. And your home will feel like “home.” 
Q. How does this compare to Laura Doyle's method, the Surrendered Wife, and other things I've done in the past such as therapy and courses?
A. Everything you've done in the past was a beautiful way of loving yourself. But Woman of Valor is the only program that gives women the deep, spiritual understanding of how to be truly happy in a marriage. 
What people say after they've joined Woman Of Valor is: "nothing I've done in the past compares to this. The new level of love I feel is something I wish I had before." So, in short, it's a unique process unlike anything you've tried before. 
To answer specifically about Laura Doyle, the Surrendered Wife gives you specific and powerful tools which can be very effective. However, her tools are tools, the person holding the hammer is what ultimately creates the change. 
So, I believe that even if you've done Laura's work and adapted it to your life in a beautiful way, in Woman of Valor you will get to know the soul of your marriage. You and your husband will be very, very happy Be"H. 
Q. Will this help if I have specific challenge in my marriage? (I've gotten this question in various forms, for various challenges.)
A. Women will various unique situations have found Woman of Valor extremely helpful. After all, there is no situation that can't be bettered by applying the powerful secrets of love, self worth amd connection to it. Whatever you are going through, Woman of Valor will be that gentle support for you as you make changes that give you back your dignity and your relationship. Even if your situation has been very difficult, I want to reassure you that you, too, can find so much healing, and that no matter what you've been though, you are 100% worthy of love, peace and happiness.  
If you have a specific situation that you want to discuss, please reach out to me. Just hit reply to this email. 
Q. Are we going to talk clearly about issues in the marriage that are often unspoken about?
A. We will cover everything you need to know, including intimacy, navigating challenges, and other “unspokens”. As Woman of Valor members have come to know, nothing is off-the-table or taboo in our circle. If you are experiencing it, then you get to talk or hear more about it. 
If there is something you need to be spoken out in a specific area, you can use one of the many Q&A sessions to ask your questions and have that specifically addressed. The Q&A sessions are your time to get any guidance you need- so make it your own. 
Okay, I think these were some of the questions that kept on coming up. If you want to know anything else before you jump in, just ask. I'm right here.


Class 1- Safety
  • Why communication is not the highest form of connection, and what is.
  • The simple steps to start feeling comfortable in your own skin and become a magnet for high level connection.
Class 2- Value
  • How subconscious pain shapes a relationship.
  • How to heal your core wounds, so they don't come between you and your husband.
  • What real forgiveness is.
Class 3- Connection
  • Understanding the soul connection between husband and wife, and why most people unknowingly avoid it.
  • How to connect, despite, and inside of all the frustration and pain that has come up in a marriage.
Class 4- Fulfillment
  • Understanding what you really need in order to feel fulfilled.
  • How to get your needs met. And how to get your husband excited to give to you.
Class 5- Femininity
  • The remarkable reason why your husband often brings in negativity into the relationship, and how you as a woman are uniquely positioned to bring out the best in him.
  • What is real connection.
  • What is masculine and feminine power?
  • How does being present help you?
Class 6- Expression
  • Your husband's biggest fears, your biggest fears, and how they play off each other.
  • What Hilchos Yichud teaches us about the gift of who you are.
  • Compassion. The most helpful thing we can do for ourselves in order to receive.
Class 7: Building Blocks
  • How to dig deep so that you can build up high.
  • The body's natural way of healing emotional pain, and how to allow that process to happen so that you are a whole, strong nucleus of the family.
Class 8- Intimacy
  • How to make pleasure pleasurable.
  • What Mikvah teaches us about pleasure. And what intimacy really is- your life force being expressed, received and celebrated.
Class 9- Living fully
  • The simple path to rewriting yourself into the person you want to be.
  • How to find delight.
  • How to cultivate friendship.
  • How to deepen your connection with Hashem.
Class 10- The Jewish Home
  • How to cultivate the power of the woman to create a healthy family.
  • The myth of sacrifice and the real avodah that a woman has.
  • How to be strong.
  • Celebrating all of who you are.
  • How we heal addiction, depression or anxiety.
Class 11- Sweet Love:
  • Understanding the various forms of love, and which one is most helpful in a marriage.
  • How to see your relationship with a fresh pair of eyes.
  • How your marriage can be Oila yaffe- constantly rising in joy.
  • Healing disappointments and opening up to real love.
  • Having your marriage become better than sheva brachos by getting to know your husband on a deep level.
Class 12- Balance
  • How to create boundaries, and how boundaries create more connection.
  • How knowing your own truth and making choices, gives you strength in your marriage, with your children, and with all the people you care about.
  • Creating an environment where your husband loves to give you everything you want.
  • Conflict free results.
  • Caring for your vulnerability.
Class 13- Peace
  • How self expression and creativity bring peace to the marriage.
  • How to be comfortable with yourself by learning to see the beauty in every aspect of you.
  • How to open up to availability so that your husband feels welcome and knows your worth.
  • The art of fighting without losing love.
  • How to pass down dignity to our daughters.
  • Understanding fear, and letting that guide us.
  • Your husband's level of frumkeit and how that impacts you, so that you can feel connected to Hashem.
Class 14- Joy
  • How getting to know your full range of emotion can give you a happy marriage.
  • Cultivating a natural and flowing relationship by getting into the state of flow.
  • Why so many couples stay stuck at a very young level of connection and what to do to facilitate mature love.
  • How to take the five love languages to a much higher level than is usually understood.
  • Finding your joy.
Class 15- Marriage
  • Knowing your position is in a healthy, thriving marriage so that you can be the elegant, dignified woman you were always meant to be.
  • The difference between power and responsibility- and how knowing what's your power gives you gentle, loving generosity.
  • Your role in the home as a Jewish Woman.
  • What homemaking teaches us about marriage.
  • What Eishes Chayil really means.
  • How to invite your husband into your mikdash by bringing the Shechina in.



My husband has even started copying my ways of talking to myself kindly, taking breaks and asking himself what he needs to be calm and balanced now. Sometimes he goes to the beis midrash and I don't resent it anymore. I'm proud and I encourage it. My kids see the difference and they have started doing it too. We are a much happier household! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

What I learned in Woman of Valor is that  Number one, I am allowed to want. I needed to learn and experience that. And then I needed to find out, what did I really want?
It turns out that what we really want is to connect. Connect to our husband, to our children, to the people around us who we love. We want to connect to Hashem. And the way that we achieve that is to connect to ourselves in a deep, beautiful, healthy way.

Everything is in line with Torah Hashkafa- there was nothing that contradicted! I completely connected to Chany’s teachings. Everything is taught in a gentle, enjoyable way. It’s like nothing I got anywhere else.
And I want to add, that even if I have no time to do a homework, the work just absorbs itself, it’s so gentle.
The other thing that made a huge difference was that Chany is so available as a person. She’s in the group. She’s on the phone line. And this was a big deciding factor for me when I chose Woman of Valor over other programs that were on my radar. Chany is in our area and offers in person events. I’m not sure how many programs offers the in person factor. There are the Woman of Valor private retreats, the luncheons, the live zoom events, the ongoing phone line- just for the phone line alone it is worth it! And being able to leave Chany messages, send her emails that she responds to, all of this made me feel seen and heard as a person and it made all the difference.
I took the class twice, and I signed up to join for a third time. 

Hi! Chany.. responding to the poem u sent a few days ago…
Just a short while ago it was my heart that u were describing that was so raw that was bleeding so profusely. That was so wounded. Drip drip drip ... pain pain pain. It was in so much pain I’d find myself holding my breath to assuage my terrified and hurt heart. As you so accurately described it was trampled on, squeezed , belittled, and poked fun at. It was a real live punching bag! And yet It still mustered the courage to go on and beat. Chany, I joined your course and u taught us to safely hold our precious hearts softly and tenderly. You then taught us to take care of it gently and carefully. To caress and embrace our trusty hearts. To heal it and finally set it free. After a few weeks of doing your work my heart was no longer bleeding and leaking so profusely. Scabs were starting to form. The work was hard and vulnerable and so courageous! The scabs would form ,peel ,bleed and then form again. Slowly but surely though the scabs formed and stayed closed. Just a few months later the scabs are still there but they’re scabs that are healing and bh starting to fade. I am bh back home to my essence to the tzelem elokim that I am and love. To my precious soul and precious being! Thank you!

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