Students Testimonials

  • Gitty

    This course is just amazing!! I find myself respecting my husband more. I'm being more mindful on accepting him for who he is and letting go of who i want him to be (it's a process). I'm also more aware of the difference of self care vs. self centered-ness and am focusing on filling myself up and less relying on my husband to do so...

  • Tziri

    Really thinking about this course and internalizing it. just the focus on self care vs. expecting our joy to come from others is really affecting me and for a while i was really in a good place from that. I started noticing that a lot of issues were really rooted in my expectations and in my not being there for myself. it really gave me a real understanding of what self care is.

  • Bracha

    I just need to tell you that years of couple therapy and my own therapy was not able to accomplish what your course has accomplished in the last few weeks. The course of my marriage has taken such a dramatic turn in such a positive way bh and I myself feel so cleansed from toxic drama. I did not think this was possible!

  • Sarah

    Taking the course Wife Heal Your Life has been a real eye opener. It has started me on a journey of self growth, giving me skills and tools I need to make me strong, happy and independent, regardless of what is going on in my marriage.

  • Malka

    I finished your course and gotta say it was amazing!!! Each lesson was so powerful! And had lots of interesting information. I have to admit that when I signed up I didn't think I need to take it for marriage (just for other complicated relationships) but automatically it changed my marriage relationship to even better. It's a course that every woman that wants to enhance their relationship should take.

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